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Our project Costa do Ipê Parque Shopping has been published on MAR magazine, TEMPO DESIGN E CONTEÚDO edition.



“A generous project to Marilia city and its residents.” This is how the architects Yorik van Havre and Maíra Zasso  define the  Costa do Ipê Parque Shopping project.


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“We hope the architecture causes and awaken feelings in users”
Yorik van Havre and Maíra Zasso

The pair of architects – he Belgian, she Gaucho, both rooted six years ago in São Paulo – was inspired by a series of references, in particular, the São Paulo modernism. “We enjoyed the contrast between the concrete and plants, as was often seen in the modernist architecture,” says Yorik. 

On the facades of the shopping center, the architects incorporated flexible screens that receive vines forming green curtains, creating a green horizon both for those who are working in the shops as to who is visiting the place. “Finding a green curtain causes a very positive and welcoming surprise to people.”, says Maíra. 

This organic principle governing the whole enterprise is also present in the occupation of the total area, following a human and welcoming scale . The four volumes of 6000 will occupy a total land area of ​​20 thousand square meters. “We did not get anywhere near the maximum occupancy limit. Thus we have a low impact on the city. Also there will be no underground parking and so we will have little earth moving ” says Yorik. 

Squares and gardens, home to outdoor restaurants also serve as a space for music and dating shows. “The idea is that people walk freely among the buildings. There is a path to be discovered with surprise elements between areas. For example, do not plan a single food court, but bars and restaurants around the complex, explains Maíra. The mall is revealed as a meeting place, a place with potential for an interesting life and not just a shopping center. “We hope that the architecture causes and awaken feelings in users”, complements the architect.


Text: Simone Fonseca
Photo: Ludovic Carème

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