Prêmio Saint-Gobain de Arquitetura – Ed 350 – Winner (2º place – Professional Category Corporate)

Our project “COSTA DO IPÊ PARQUE SHOPPING”, an undertaking by LEI incorporadora, has been awarded in 2nd place Professional Category Corporate, Prêmio Saint-Gobain de Arquitetura | Edição Especial 350.


Here we share the boards and the arguments that were sent to the competition and that led it to the award.

An “anti-shopping”.

An “anti-shopping”, a multi-functional space with a flexible layout that inverts the rules of shopping malls by replacing corridors with native vegetation woods and placing small buildings inside a green park. With open floor plans and truly public spaces, low construction cost and environmental impact, it puts the focus back onto nature and people. The deep interdependency between architecture, landscape and urban planning creates a synergy between all its human, constructive, natural and economic components.

It is a commercial and service center compound with four blocks,  two floors each, divided into multifunctional spaces. At start they hold 3,150 m2 shops area and 2,100 m2 offices area, varying numbers depending on demand, and 300 parking lot spaces at ground level. All of this generously distributed on a 24,000 m2 plot.

The project is based on the principle of spending less natural and economic resources: A game changer in the overpriced ecological solutions market. It seeks a balance between the intentionally simple architectural concept and the deployment of the buildings, which ensures a wide variety of paths and public spaces, designed to host a rich landscape, providing a daily experience of how nature impacts people’s lives, with a sense of welcome and well-being.

The project, instead of delivering a finite product, provides a “living structure”, in all its many meanings: humans, nature, commerce and architecture all leave their footprints on its simple industrial concrete structure. At the same time, it is a skeleton supporting the different organs of a complex ecosystem, able to adapt and transform itself to new uses (shops, offices or even housing).

Rainwater is captured and stored under the green roofs and in cisterns, to be used as grey water in bathrooms, gardens and for cleaning. A mix of solar panels and natural gas, with co-generation of electric power, provides for energy.

Due to its open nature, the buildings dispense of central air conditioning, taking advantage of natural light and ventilation. The project is designed for low environmental impact, with a small footprint, almost no earth movement, and a permeable, densely vegetated parking lot.

The project was conceived to people who live in the neighborhood themselves, attending to a region with virtually no commercial infrastructure. The construction itself, based on prefabricated concrete elements and industrialized, recyclable elements, guarantees a low economic footprint and low environmental impact during construction.

The architecture is discrete, leaving the principal part to the shops, the offices, the people who visit or work there and the nature that will occupy the space provided and turn it into a unique and lively atmosphere..

The impact of the project depends to a great extent on the people gathering around it: workers, consumers or passersby, their impressions and emotions. The intent of this construction is not to take resources from the city, but to give it a friendly and natural public space, where people can relax and feel comfortable. This synergy between people, architecture and nature, is the key to a bigger aim: to nurture and spread ecological concern and care, using each individual’s rewarding experience.

Instead of being just a consumer’s temple, it offers the visitor convenience, space to work or relax, gain new experiences and knowledge, through an invitation to circulate and discover, experiment, or simply watch the sunset. The architectural implementation intentionally offers these open and varied spaces created by the relationship between the buildings, the woods and the park, and the group and the city. It is a project that transcends the physical limits of their land, improving the entire surroundings life quality, whether in the social, ecological or even security field.
Although it is a private undertaking, it offers great and true public areas that are actually integrated into the existing public space, including bike lanes and sidewalks. It tries its best to create conditions for meeting people: it’s a several functions mix (shops, offices, park), the public square located at the entrance serves as a venue for events such as fairs or artistic presentations and it remains partially open at night when the public can enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars spaces. The synergy produced by this meeting gives people an environment where everyone gain. There are more public for shops and offices and users find a pleasant living environment and services range to enjoy. This synergy also produces a permanently busy environment, which makes it safer.

The project is conceived as an ecosystem with a high level of interaction between constructive and natural components. It is entirely covered with green roofs, and surrounded by native trees and vegetation, creating a “green lung” that circulates and purifies the air and lowers temperatures in and around the buildings. Urban and ecological benefits extend even to residents who are not direct users of the project, highlighting the region as a whole.

Land area                                                                                                    24.048,80 sqm
Total projected area                                                                                     7.694,79 sqm
Footprint designed                                                                                       4.768,30 sqm
Ground floor area                                                                                         3.146,98 sqm
Second Ground floor area                                                                            2.926,49 sqm
Circulation area                                                                                            1.621,32 sqm
Permeable area                                                                                            5.936,68 sqm
Green roof area                                                                                            2.926,49 sqm
Semipermeable area                                                                                    3.689,27 sqm
Parking pathways area ​​                                                                                4.097,98 sqm
Shopping area                                                                                              3.138,42 sqm
Office area                                                                                                     2.116,49 sqm
Parking spaces                                                                                                              300


Structure                                                                                 Precast concrete elements
Masonry                                                                                   Cemented ceramic blocks
Roof                                                                        Green roof with water retention pool
Walkways, stairs and ramp                         Painted metal structure with wooden floor
Sidewalks and squares                                                                                       Concrete
Internal streets                                                                     Concrete blocks interlocked
Parking Concrete                                                                                          Hollow blocks

Shops Main facade                                                                      tempered glass display
Shpos Rear facade                                                               wooden compounds panels
Offices Main facade                                                wood and glass compounds panels
Offices Rear facade                                                               aluminum sliding windows
Liners                                                            liners gypsum plaster and apparent slabs
Wet areas                                                               gypsum block walls with tile flooring
Outdoor enclosure                                                                autoclaved eucalyptus logs

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